Our Business

We have been operating as a supply company specialized in fashion which is managing a product of retailers and fashion brand in the world.

Supply Chain

  • We provide technical expertise in fashion to our customers.

    We provide not only technical expertise to fulfill function and quality of a product with customer’s creative design but also excellent design skills and quick sampling.

  • Deliver raw and subsidiary fabric materials effectively.

    We are connected with integrated supply chain all over the country to meet the requirements of customers including good quality and price. (e.g. fabric: China / button: Southeast Asia / zipper: Korea)

  • We have strategic sourcing networks which are well distributed in Korea, China and Southeast Asia.

    To satisfy a function and quality at a competitive price, we connect the dots of supply chain located in Korea, China and Southeast Asia upon sourcing, manufacturing and deadline for delivery and provide ordered product at the right time through up-to-date technology.

More Business

We have been managing fashion PB(Private Brand) known as Corcaroli&Tulip and operating several large concept shops and stores in a small and medium sized department. Our collections including clothing, accessories and selected product collectively are designed to communicate with customers about art, music and creative sense of style.

Fashion Brand Design + Distribution Environment

We are co-operating with new brand and designer every season by market research. We have become a channel to support them by selling their items at our stores.

23 brands

Wholesale & Retail Contact:

Life style + F/B

Tulip Coffee which is placed in our concept stores is used to be a space interacting with both our mood and aesthetic philosophy. Absolutely taste of coffee and beverage is good.

Mood specialty coffee –tulip coffee-