K&Tulip is the leader of the fashion industry as we encompass all three areas of design, production, and creations. We have continuously ventured into new directions and led market innovations. We will continue to do so in year 2017, our 28 th anniversary, as we further complete our unique story.

This year, we aim to solidify our globalized export infrastructure and support the growth of buyers in and out of Korea. Domestic brands have been displaying a sustained 30%~40% growth. We look forward to continued growth of domestic brands and the augmentation of the market.

In line with our slogan, "venturing into new fields without prioritizing creativity is of no value" we will continue to provide beautiful designs to customers.

CEO Kyungsook Jun


  • 1989-1995 Wholesale and Retail in Fashion
  • 1995 Established K&TULIP, a Trading Company
    Started to enter overseas clothing markets
  • 1997 Received a favorable review with OEM in Japan
    Focused on production of Young Casual Fashion Brand
  • 2000 Adopted Self-Manufacturing System and ERP System
  • 2004 Expanded a scale of business along with the activation of K&TULIP’s trading
  • 2005 Launched “Corcaroli”, a domestic brand in Korea
  • 2008 Head office moved to a new building in Myeongdong by the growth of business
  • 2011 Reached 40 brand stores in Korea
  • 2012 Launched “Corcaroli&Tulip”, a concept store
  • 2013 Expanded production facility in China
    Introduced “Easy Solution” (computerized process with ERP system, sampling)
  • 2016 Opened the 8 th Corcaroli&Tulip store
K&TULIP is one of the global retailers which has taken development, sourcing and supply of all fashion brand’s items.


Quality Control team of the company has conducted total-inspection and then a claim from the customers about quality is nearly three times lower than the industry average.


First request for sample by customers satisfies them over 90% and it is quite right within three times.



The average number of the reorder of the first orders is 7 times which is very overwhelming compared to the industry average and production lead-time is also very short.

What We Do

We value your time sincerely
hence we make it on time.

A single day is enough for us. Full-time support: We create at least 50 design samples every day and you can confirm raw and subsidiary fabric materials you ordered in a short term.
Self-Manufacturing System: Our Sample Team manages all of the original OEM/ODM Samples directly. You can check your requested samples in a short period of time with our CAD and Self-Manufacturing System.

All operations are quick, accurate and safe with computerized and automated processes of the ERP system. This system delivers production solution and design to our supply chain quickly and safely.
Good communication is guaranteed that we implement all process with same standard to cooperate with our partners.
No worry about leaking our own design due to strict management and tight security system.


Easy Solution:
Total solution to customer

When a customer says about some product, we make an effective plan with variety of options. We are striving to provide the most reasonable and the best solution.

We are willing to come up with diverse solutions to solve their concerns or issues (e.g. price, size) with one purpose – to meet the needs of our customers.

We support our customers to make a decision easily and solve the problem immediately no matter what may happen.

There is no need to come visit production facilities because we draw up a detailed interim report for customer that means you can check the quality and the current condition of the production in real time.

We are committed to offer optimal supply chain, warehouse services and short lead time in serial order that respond to all customers’ demands.

We call it as Easy Solution which is honored by our customer considering
that other companies have to be learned and followed us.